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Save Time Finding Yoga Resources. Join our “Kids Yoga Monthly” Subscription!  


Kids Yoga Monthly Subscription is back!

Resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Get the shortcut you’ve been looking for, so you can spend more time teaching and practicing yoga rather than seeking out resources and tools.  

  • Imagine a collection of thematic kids yoga resources landing directly in your inbox each month.  
  • No waiting for Amazon deliveries.  
  • No stuff that ends up collecting dust.
  • Less clutter both in your space and in your mind.
  • And, most importantly, one less thing to plan in an already busy schedule! 

What you get!

  • A single email each month with everything you need
  • Yoga cards in a digital format or the ebook version of a yoga book
  •  A printable PDF yoga poster
  •  A monthly yoga challenge to deepen your own yoga practice
  •  Popular articles based on the month's theme
  •  Facebook community 
  •  Additional guidance and support from Giselle
  • Special offers, deals, and sneak peeks at new yoga books before they’re published

I'm Giselle, the author of Kids Yoga Stories - and I get it!

I know what it’s like to be a primary school teacher with limited time and loads of curriculum to teach in an engaging and effective manner.  

I also know what it’s like to be a mom with a massive to-do list and commitments galore. 

My daughter is highly sensitive and spirited. We depend on a yoga lifestyle that offers self-regulation tools for life. As I’ve done with my own daughter, I make teaching yoga to kids easy and fun. I’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

I’m thrilled to offer a monthly subscription that can help make your life easier, while creating a calm, connected, and confident environment in your classroom or at home. 

The Kids Yoga Monthly Subscription gives you the resources you need so you can get back to doing what you love—spending time with your children … and practicing yoga, of course!  

You'll receive:  

Monthly Digital Resources Delivered to Your Inbox  

I’m not going to overwhelm you with a ton of information. Each month I carefully select (from KYS’s vast resource library) four distinct items based around a theme. Your monthly email will include: 

  • Yoga cards in digital format or the ebook version of a Kids Yoga Stories book
  • A Printable PDF yoga poster
  • One monthly yoga challenge to deepen your own yoga practice
  • A popular article based on the theme

I chose four items so you can spend one week on each without feeling overwhelmed.  

Connection and Community

The Kids Yoga Monthly Facebook group is a private community for paying members. 

In the group, you can ask questions and share ideas with others who are actively integrating yoga at home or in the classroom.

Also, I share additional resources and videos on with tips on how to get the most out of the month’s content-rich packet!  

Special Deals and Sneak Peeks  

As you may know, I publish several yoga books each year along with yoga card packs and so much more. 

I treasure my community and often will reach out with the opportunity to review pre-published yoga books for free. 

I also offer special discounts and more to my Kids Yoga Monthly community.

Lovely comments from our community:

Easy Pose for Kids - Kids Yoga Stories

"I love receiving ideas and resources; it helps make may busy day easier and engaging for the students as I can then provide a variety of classes.” 

- Catherine

“Ultimately, it’s a great time-saving resource as well as inspiration if you need a gentle push and some assurance to get a yoga practice up and going with the children in your life.” 

- Kim

"Most of the themes that I need, you already have the resources for, however it takes time to search them out. If they come in one nice and tidy email, it would save so much time and hassle.”

- Lana

""I completed kids yoga teacher training, but was running out of ideas. With Kids Yoga Monthly, I now have better ideas for yoga books, props, and games."

- Martin 

Is Kids Yoga Monthly right for you?


Kids Yoga Monthly is for busy and health-conscious moms, teachers, and health practitioners who:

  • Enjoy educational, environmental, and global themes 
  • Are looking for ways to present yoga in a playful, yet educational way
  • Appreciate the power of storytelling to link learning to meaningful topics
  • Want to enhance their own yoga practice  


Kids Yoga Monthly isn’t a good fit if you’re: 

  • Looking for a box of resources delivered to your door. This is digital only.
  • Not comfortable with a computer or electronic devices, because you’ll need to download the products.
  • Looking for videos. These are literacy-based products.
  • Expecting children to practice yoga on their own. These products encourage parent-child engagement.

Let us do the research and planning for you! 

Membership will open again in September, 2018.

Meet Your Kids Yoga Monthly Community!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kids Yoga Monthly different than Kids Yoga Stories blog and newsletter?

Kids Yoga Monthly is a paid subscription service where you’ll receive four thematic, digital yoga products each month, chosen to help save you time. You also get access to a private community of paying subscribers, where you can find support, resources, and more. 

Our weekly Kids Yoga Stories newsletter is a free service with updates about what’s going on at Kids Yoga Stories. You’ll still receive the newsletter if you’re signed up for that too. 

How are the products delivered? Will I be receiving anything in the mail? 

This is a digital-only program, so you won’t be receiving anything in the mail. You will receive an email at the beginning of the month with four digital links to download.

What ages are the yoga resources suitable for?  

The yoga books and yoga cards in our Kids Yoga Monthly program target children ages 2-8 years old. However, our yoga resources can be adapted for various ages and developmental needs. Our yoga products are designed to act as springboards to other learning experiences suitable for any age. 

Will I need a printer to access my digital products? 

A printer is not necessary. You can view the products on any device. You can, however, print them out if you prefer. Find printing instructions for our digital products here: 

Are there any yoga videos included?  

No, our Kids Yoga Monthly products are literacy-based, and we do not create videos for children at this time. However, we’ll be including some audiobook videos of our yoga books to include in your independent-reading corners. A sample audiobook of Rachel’s Day in the Garden is here: 

What does the digital Kids Yoga Monthly include?  

You will receive one email per month with four goodies on a specific topic. For example, you might receive:  

• Yoga cards in digital format or the ebook version of a Kids Yoga Stories book • A Printable PDF yoga poster • One monthly yoga challenge to deepen your own yoga practice • A popular article based on the theme 

Though the specific combination of goodies might change, you will receive four digital items each month.  

Will I have to log in access to the resources? 

You will need to create an account and log in to update your profile and payment details as necessary. To access the thematic yoga content, you do not need to log in. The content comes directly to your email account. The content links in the emails do not expire. So as long as you have not deleted past emails, you will always have access to past content. Using your email account’s search feature is especially handy for finding older emails that have been archived. 

What level of yoga experience do I have to have to sign up?  

The Kids Yoga Monthly is for beginners to advanced practitioners of yoga. Each month, you’ll receive a yoga challenge to deepen your own practice, no matter how much previous experience you have with yoga. Our yoga books naturally take children through the yoga poses as they read along and act out the stories. So no experience is necessary to join. 

What are some sample yoga themes?  

We incorporate educational, environmental, and global themes into our yoga products. Sample monthly themes are feelings, jungle, fall, garden, and love. 

Only a small monthly fee for all these resources!

Note that if you decide that Kids Yoga Monthly isn’t the right fit for you, for whatever reason – you can cancel at any time.